Do not discuss

Vows of silence were confusing. Why would someone willingly choose to remove one of their primary means of communication? After much consideration, the sacrifice makes sense. By removing the ability to talk about all the things that could have been done,  what one can accomplish , or what one will do;  those that take a vow […]

On to the next station

It has been quite some time since my experiences in this wild and wonderful world have led me to write of the preposterousness everyday life provides.  This does not mean, that the awkward, bizarre, curious, eyebrow-raising, head-scratching buffonery has not occurred; merely, the degree of bewilderment I have experienced, has not propelled me towards the […]

Retail Calamity

We have all heard of the phrase “retail therapy,” correct?  The minute segment of the populace who haven’t heard of this phrase, please take a few seconds away from reading this, to google the meaning. I don’t find shopping in the retail world particularly therapeutic.  When I find myself in immediate need of an item, […]

Am I really seeing this?

We know human beings are capable of some incredible feats. There are those capable of fantastic achievements in athletics. There are a select few that make astounding discoveries in science and medicine. There are individuals capable of beautiful and imaginative writing. There are people who achieve awe through art and music. There are even people that […]

PSA for Sunglasses

The perfect, wrinkle-free, dark denim skinny jeans he wears, hang slightly loose around a trim waist, and cinch tightly, at the ankles. The white canvas shoes, with red and blue stitching, and red, thick, shoe strings, he wears, not completely laced, upon his feet. He wears a crisp, white, t-shirt underneath a loosely hanging, unbuttoned, heather grey […]

Shopping with Direction

I am thoroughly aware that we don’t make as many purchases in a conventional manner.  This conventional method starts with that painful propelling of our bodies, executing step after arduous step, eyes downcast, and mouth scowled in disapproval, gradually reaching beyond our twenty-yard walkways, and entering our, heated seats included, vehicles.  It continues with the ultimate encumbrance, […]

Twigs, Accumulation, and the Meaning behind Names

What is a pyre? I know its meaning, though many may not.  There is no shame in being unaware, or not exposed to this word.  It is fairly antiquated, and does not find use in casual dialogue.  Allow me to present the MW-Whatever brand you prefer definition of this word. A pyre, by definition, is a heap or pile of wood or other combustible material, especially one used for cremating a corpse. So, […]