Human Traffic

I knuckle the sleep-crusties from the corners of your eye.  It’s earlier than I planned, per quick consult of my alarm/phone.  Yet, my commitment to balance inhibits the compulsion towards lethargy.  My willpower lends a helpful support to raise me from your mattress.   At this point, habit and drive take over, and I ready myself […]


How many recall the late 90’s movie Fallen? Surely you remember. It’s that creepy, supernatural thriller starring John Goodman, Denzel Washington, and Donald Sutherland. No? It’s that movie involving the prankster demon who can only survive for a few seconds outside of a human body once its host has expired.  It’s the movie where the […]

How many reps?

It’s said seven repetitions is sufficient to retain something.  I’ve seen that 30 is the magic number.  Some insistence regards 3000-5000 repetitions to be the magic value. (this pertains predominantly to muscle memory) When does this apply to music?  When does a song, within the first few bars, sear permanently into your brain?  At how […]