Craft Beer Day(Care) Tripper

At the behest of a most lovely female, an excursion was planned around cupcakes.  The impetus being an apparently highly sought after cupcake brand called, Scratch cupcakes, located in Ephrata.  The thought of cupcakes, admittedly, doesn’t blow my hair back.  Ergo, I sought to bundle this activity with an item of which I have great […]

Feel the Rainbow

In the act of maintenance, a short time ago, I read upon a screen a fine direction.  “Eat the Rainbow.”  This directive emanated from a help guru of the Dr. Oz variety via a low brain wave show resembling Rachael Ray.  The specific expert and precise show were so indiscernible from the repeated mass messages beamed into […]


admittedly I am feeling no strong compulsion to write.  Though my failure to write is essentially an admission of a lack of commitment to this blog which I intend to maintain.  I’m not sure how long I intend to write such a thing. It currently resembles the doldrums like phase of a relationship.  Once the initial […]

Swan Song

A colleague recommended this epic tome several years ago with high praise.  This book is a 900 page journey set in the wake of nuclear apocalypse.  It chronicles the experiences of several scattered characters across a wasteland America as they struggle to find others, to determine their destiny, and simply survive in arduous circumstances.  Robert McCammon […]

4 New Reviews

My first few reviews are from recent experience at the Brass Rail Deli. To be truthful, only two of the four are from the affectionately monikered “The Rail”. The remainder were from home. Free Will’s C.O.B – This one was categorized as a coffee oatmeal brown.  To be truthful the coffee was the predominant factor […]

Waitress – Solicitous Saint or Salacious Seductress?

A sincere and singularly salubrious thought sears my synapses.  What it the real role of the waitress? Reasonably, this is also applicable to the waiter. Though society is less likely to consider the sexualization of said stint. If there were not a degree of seduction involved in the serving process, would it not be more economical […]

Awakening the Chrysalis

As one floats through their daily grind/existence (whichever you prefer) there is a beckoning toward an outwardness of the soul.  If indeed the recognition of the soul is admissible. Most attribute this pull as a desire for release for the confines of the norm. Some feel that life as it exists is sufficient.  Apparently these […]