Up and down Beer Mountain

Those that know me know that I like to climb mountains.  I would consider my interest in hiking to approach the level of enthusiast.  In the past several years, I have hiked several thousand miles, including over half of the Appalachian Trail. However, hiking was not one of my main interests several years ago.  In […]

The Power of Perception

Everywhere that I look Everything that I see Positivity Every place I glimpse Each direction gazed Beauty All areas I canvas In the world I survey Artistry Of the sites that I’ve been And views taken in Majesty Each point of attention All that greets my eye Incredibility Every direction I stare All spots where […]

Dinner Guest

Each setting carefully spaced alabaster dishes crystal glasses set with care and grace. Arrange with consideration each piece of silver sparkle and glimmer place with deliberation Every basket and bin ceramic and copper perfectly proper down to the ramekins Wooden table and chairs polished and clean shiny and pristine wait for a guest to sit […]

Progresstus Erectus

As human beings we have an innate yearning to experience, or at a minimum, sense, progress.  Whether that be in the effect one has upon ones immediate social network, or, in those more broadly successful, upon a more expansive group of earth populators. Those that have a smaller scope of expectations, want from their lives, […]