On your feet!

Cats always land on their feet, right?

Once upon a time, this misnomer may have been believed by the masses.  Without the preponderance of chronicled video evidence that we now have refuting this belief, generally, people witnessed cats, that fell or dropped, landing safely on their paws.

Cats have a righting reflex that allows them to self correct an imbalance and adjust, even in mid air, their orientation, so that, most of the time, they land on their feet.

But it isn’t perfect, and most people have now seen videos of cats wiping out into couches, or falling off of countertops onto their backs, or trying to make a jump between two surfaces and smacking their heads into the floor instead of successfully landing their leap.

So, of course, it isn’t true that cats always land on their feet. However, what is important to note is what happens when they don’t.

They immediately bounce right back to their feet, as if nothing odd or unusual had ever happened.

As humans, it is absolutely inevitable that we will crash, pitch over, dive bomb, wipe out, slip, trip, stumble, careen, tip over, blunder, and lose our balance.

We may be able to catch ourselves occasionally. We may be able to regain balance before losing our axis. Someone, may even be able to catch or steady us.

But there will be times when we will fall.

Be like the cat, and get right back up.

Humbly yours,