Why dance on the edge?

Don’t you find it dangerous?

Aren’t you concerned that you must constantly readjust your footing?

Don’t you find it unnerving to see the precipitous drops below each foot placement?

Does fear grip you as inch your toes along the razor thin edge?

What gain could you attain from climbing out of the ravine?

How secure do you feel with your legs dangling over the cliff?

Does the constant teetering, twisting, and tiptoeing cause you feel like you are always near a fall?

How do you feel any sense of stability at all?

It takes incredible strength to scale the sheer rock wall.

It takes impossible tenaciousness to push beyond the constant slipping and shifting of the scree.

You are forced to challenge your muscles on an intensely graded climb or descent.

A heavy toll must be paid, in order to have your breath taken away.

It take incredible poise and focus to navigate a knifes edge.

Patience, resilience, and endurance are employed negotiating the uneven surfaces of giant rocks and boulders.

The most awkward and variable terrains require the greatest degrees of problem solving and adaptability.

It takes fortitude and temerity to reach the greatest of heights.

We yearn for nothing, learn nothing,  and earn nothing, by taking a walk on the flat sidewalk.

We express the greatest mastery of balance, by dancing on the edge.

Humbly yours,



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