What is now?

When we glance over

our shoulders we don’t

check for friendly faces.

We look backwards

only to make sure we are

moving in the right direction

Chased only look

back to ensure they

evaded the pursuer.

Rifling through memories

is the equivalent of

shaking hands with ghosts.

Sharing the pictures

only serves to conjure that

we no longer touch.

Chatting about the old times

remind us of emotions

no longer felt.

We touch ourselves,

and remember only

how our bodies used to feel.


Why do we find it so hard

to cherish what we have

in this fleeting second?

Touch your wrist,

feel your pulse,

appreciate being alive.

Dwell on a person,

image, taste, smell,

and value your senses.

Think about your goals

dreams, aspirations

And value your soul.


You will never have

this moment again.

Appreciate, and love it.

Humbly yours,


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