Shake it up!

If you happen to be curious about how many possible meanings one word could have, as I was prior to writing this discussion, I encourage a quick google search using the terms “shake” and “definition”. I realize that it will take several moments to read through all of the documented entries provided by Merriam-Webster,, […]

Forte Est?

It takes so many billiions of decisions, pieces of advice, turns, adjustments, redirections, happenstances, chance occurrences, bizarre interactions,  and choices made independently, that bring two people in close enough proximity that they have a chance to interact, feel for each other, and then ultimately find passion. Doesn’t it seem so inconceivably sad, casual, cruel, and […]

Today is a Gift

Whoever you are, Wherever you are going, Whatever your emotional state, However you are feeling physically, In whatever conditions you are living, Regardless of what is going on in your life, Whether you are at your happiest point, or saddest, Even you are a babe of one year, or an elder of ninety, Though your […]