The greatest of gifts

What can you give

of jewelry?

All that I can and more

What of the gift

of matrimony?

As soon as I can afford.

What of supplying

a residency?

I’ll find a home and we will stay.

What of a sense of


I’ll protect of you always.

What of degrees of the


I’ll wine and dine to appease.

What of the thought of


I will even give of my seed.


Dearest, loveliest, light

of my eye.  You have not

asked me my greatest

gift to provide?

But what more could I

need, for you’ve catered to

my desires, needs

and proclivities?


I have the greatest of

gifts to impart,

given freely, truly,

honestly; my heart

All I want from you

Are my requests,

kindly return, your

heart to your chest.


Humbly yours,








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