Awake and Happy

The warm rays of sunlight shine through your window.


You stretch your wonderfully functioning body towards the sky.


A blissful sounding chorus of songbirds graces your ears.


You allow a warm, full, radiant smile to stretch from ear to ear.


A popping sound of percolation comes with the smell of coffee.

Rise. Shine.

You prepare a delectable selection of foods to nourish your body.

Rise, Shine!

A quote awaits on your feed, warming your soul and encouraging.

Rise, and Shine.

You gratefully acknowledge the gift of being alive and well another day.

Rise, and Shine!

A sense of peace, contentment, and true happiness washes over you.

Rise and Shine.

You know you can meet your day with grace, optimism, and positivity.

Rise and Shine!


Keep rising, keep shining.

And know that there are others, like me, who are doing so with you.


Humbly yours,


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