Eron’s Gift

She lay in the bed an arms length from him.

Even in her incomprehensible stillness, when Eron looked at her, the beats of his heart skipped when he gazed upon her beauty.

Though he could barely see the rise and fall of her chest, and though her skin was a deathly shade of pale, the perfect contours of her round face drew his attention to pursed, full lips, an impossibly perfectly shaped nose, and closed eyelids graced with luscious lashes.  Beneath the eyelids, and burned into his eternal memory were retinas simultaneously the green of forest leaves and the grey of a storm.  These eyes had met his gaze once, and from that point on he knew that he would do anything for their owner.  Long locks of dirty blonde hair swirled around, and framed this incredible face, one which Eron now internally pleaded to spring to life, turn to him, and smile.

But she remained motionless on the thin-mattressed, clinical-style bed.

“Are you ready?”

Eron nodded to the medical technician who was dressed in a white dress shirt, and blue and red diagonal striped tie.  Atop his dress shirt, he wore an alabaster medical coat, with a small, clipped on name-tag, at the lapel.

The man moved towards him, and without as much as a three, two, one, Eron felt a pinch, then, directly after the pinch, he felt a sharp pain as the needle was inserted into the large vein in the inside crook of his elbow.

The technician moved towards her, drew the white sheet up and away from her pale arm, and proceeded to insert another long needle in the vein at the same spot.

The technician nodded to him, and Eron blinked unspoken affirmation.

He felt his heart beat rapidly, then sensed a curious outward flush of fluid from inside of him.  The sensation stopped as quickly as it had started, and Eron’s heart fluttered for a moment, then continued in a steady rhythm.

Eron looked over, and though there was no direct change that he could see, he swore that one of her eye flickered.

“Keep going,” he urged.

“As you say sir.”

Again, but more intensely this time, his heart began to pulsate rapidly.  Then a strong whoosh came from deep inside of him, and he felt a momentary void in the pit of his stomach.

When he looked over, her cheeks were flushed red, and her breasts heaved in and out with the deep breaths she was taking.

“You look a bit weary, do you require a break?”

“I’m fine, you may take a little more if you wish.”

“Are you sure?”


This time, Eron felt like his heart had become a rubber band, and it was being pulled and drawn to a great length, before being released to return to its normal rhythm.  An unsettling sense of nausea hit his stomach before a powerful feeling of suction ravaged his insides.   Eron felt drained, and weak, after this siphon, but smiled as he looked to his left.

Her lips moved, her hands fumbled for invisible objects, and he could see her legs moving beneath the sheets.

“I don’t think we should go any further.”

“Why ever not?

“You don’t look well.”

“I’m completely fine.  It only matters that she is well again.”

“But, in this state sir.”

“Once more, another level up should bring her back.”

“Are you absolutely positive?”

“Do not ask again.”

This time, Eron felt the hand of a giant reach into his chest, and squeeze his heart, causing a massive exit of lifeblood.   At the same time he a cavern open inside of him.  Eron gasped for air as the sensations overwhelmed him. His muscles tensed up in pain and agony, and he shot up with the shock of the conflicting stimuli. Eron looked towards her, and could see her eyes flutter open, revealing those magnificent green/grey eyes.  He saw her upper body rise slowly as his folded and slumped backwards towards the mattress. She turned towards him as his eyes blinked slowly, taking in every perfect aspect of her beauty.






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