Eron’s Desire

Eron strolled across the sun-warmed cobblestones.

The noonday sun warmed the roofs of the nearby houses.  It warmed the wooden slats covering the sporadic stalls offering knick-knacks and frivolities that he passed during his casual walk.  It gave heat to the signpost that he touched at the intersection of two major streets.  It felt good, even to touch this inanimate designator, for the warmth of the object reassured him of his choices and direction

He passed several of his friends and comrades, each giving him a nod of affirmation.  He confidently moved passed several shops offering baubles, trinkets, and misdirection.

He paused, at a street vendor, who offered a succulent meal, of smoked meats and peppered and salted potatoes, for a quick snack.

“You are doing the best thing.  I think it will be perfect,” the vendor prophesied.

“Thank you sir. It is my hope that this will be for all time.”

“It will be. I can see it in your eyes.”

“I know it too.”

Eron finished his brief meal, and continued on his path.

He stopped at the flower vendor, to appreciate the beauty, to smell, and to anticipate, his next steps.

Eron ignored the weird signs for perfumes, and mystic signs, and lavish clothes, and succulent eats, and decadent treats, and mystic teas, and unknown pleasantries.

Until he found the door, that which he had been walking towards, the one he had been waiting for.

He reached for the handle,

And then, without any warning, he felt a sharp pressure, to the left of his spine, and in the middle of his back.

The pressure gave way to an agonizing tearing and inward rending of flesh, as Eron felt a hole opening in his back.  This pressure became puncture as Eron felt a violent thrust through this hole in his back.

Eron felt the blood pour through this hole as his body sagged against the spontaneous exit of lifeblood.

He looked to his left, and stared at a fist-sized object that contracted, then expanded. He then turned slowly back to his right, and heaved a desperate, blood drenched sigh. He stared in bewilderment towards the store front.

Below the proprietors name of the store the sign read:

“Jewelry, Wedding bands, Custom items, all made here to your exact specifications.”


Humbly yours,


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