The Next Wave

I feel it inside of me before I am able to perceive it with my external senses.  It feels like a thin, cold, snake made of steel is coiling around the bones of my skeleton.  My breathing slows in anticipation of its arrival, and I grit my teeth.

I feel light dampness on my skin, as if walking through dense morning mist, and note the subtle increase upon the weight of my heart. The dampness gives way to tiny droplets, each feeling like freezing needles when they land on me. My stomach tenses, and my toes curl in. The drops become more and more steady and I feel my eyelids began to sag, as an intense weariness presses upon my body.
Though I know it futile I tighten my core and fight against the imminent swell. The noise from the churning swell intensifies, and I make no progress with my efforts.  I acquiesce to the pending gloom.
In the sand, I helplessly lay and wait.
The black wave has returned.

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