Fifteen Breaths

Mirror plaque

Golden tracks

Steak no good

send it back


Neon signs

Hair so fine

Dance to excess

wine and dine


Shining shell

Taco bell

Believe in heaven

live in hell.


Attention whore

Convenience store

Gluttony on a

laminate floor


Wit mistook

Have the look

Worry not

shun the book


Four and Twenty puffs

Gather stuff

Thousand channels

not enough


Glitz and glam

Live the sham

Sell your soul

to instagram


Selfie stick

Shoot it quick

put on youtube

make it stick


Selfless face

Run in place

Let none into

your headspace


Emoji riff

Send the gifs

Ignore words

you’re blessed with


Screens and keys

Detach disease

Cant recall

feeling at ease


Celeb divine

Sit and whine

Of hands dealt

so unkind



All alone

Hug yourself

to feel at home



Laugh intense

Climb the fence

Reclaim your



Bounce the ball

Slip and fall

Go back to

feeling small



Humbly yours,


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