The Hinges of the Universe

In the quantum consideration of timelines, we can only be aware of the one on which we currently exist.   Though there may be a trillion other possible lives that we may have out there in parallel universes, each choice leads both ourselves, and others, down a path that is new, and uniquely different path than all others which we may have possibly experienced.  Though, sometimes, we mistakenly identify hinge points upon which we believe our existence swings in one direction or another, the truth is, our reality is composed of more important singular choices than stars in the sky.   Were we to attempt to name all those that we felt shone the brightest, we would still be left with a million more than burn with similar intensity.  To find contentment in our place and time in the universe it is best to keep ones soles on the ground, feeling the reassuring firmness of the earth beneath our feet,  and to appreciate the life that we have, instead of wondering what constellation our timeline may look like if we connected it through different spots of light in the sky.  We may still gaze up at the firmament and admire its wonder, grandeur, and radiance, and the fact that each and every star makes up the night sky.  If this is our focus, instead of trying to over-analyze their complexity, vastness, improbability and postulated interconnectivity, our lives will be for the better. May our choices be a star-flecked blanket that comforts and reassures us, instead of an imposing shroud of darkness accented by pinpoints of light, that overwhelms us.

Humbly yours,


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