Messages in Dreams

With my turns and

twists, I submit,

those sayings,

and signals,

and all the


Those side

shifts, and arches

of spine, that

project thoughts out,

that bounce back,

to you.

As you dose

in your blissfullness

I anguish

with restlessness,

pawing my thoughts of you

to the sky.

When early birds

cry, darkness

finds my eyes, still bright,

I bid my

thoughts of you

to the sun.

I’m awake and

aroused, thoughts

shouted and loud.

While you drift

back and forth,

from pillow to cloud.

While you sleep,

and I lie restless,

it’s best that you

know that

you are most


I’m finding the

orbitals, deep in

the night.

I’m bridging the

gap between oblivion

and daylight.

You find

your zzzzzzz’s

and I shift,

the satellites above

do accept,

my humble transmit.

As you slumber, and

I stir, I hope you

know, and believe,

that I, am

sending you, messages

in your dreams.


Humbly yours,





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