I miss the days,

of edamame and stand-up comedies.

I miss the smiles and sways,

laughs, drinks, and games.

I miss the days of beers

darts, and cheers.

I miss those times,

of wonder and wines.

I miss those old flickers,

without seeing the real pictures.

I miss water guns,

and I miss real fun.

I miss days in the sun,

and true passion.

I miss late night nosh,

and Daniel Tosh.

I miss disconnecting,

without internal guilting.

And I miss toys.

Wasn’t that also, one of your joys?


Despite those things that I miss,

there is nothing amiss.

I love what I have now,

all the sights and the sounds.

And though in time,

I may miss what now makes me content.

What matters most, is that I

live a life, without regret.


Humbly yours,




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