If ever there was a time to look into the raw essence of your being, now is that time.

I have reconfigured.

I have readjusted.

I’ve reformed,

and reconstituted.

I’ve changed, converted,

reverted, to a prior, livelier

more vivacious version,

that I tried to abandon,

by pursuing the enlightenment,

entitlement, enrichment,

and unrealistic expectations

of modern man.


I’ve shaken hands with my predecessors,

and reconnected to those who laid

the ground upon which I

place my feet.

I know the obsessions of cogitation

and its powers upon our musculature.

But the mind finds little satisfaction,

without its possession of the body.

And the heart feels nothing,

without the flesh.


So I slink down, from

a two-legged stance,

to that of four.

I revert to a primal, snarling, angry dog,

but I am a complex creature,

and thus, have retained all of my learned tricks.


Humbly yours,


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