Dreams, Nightmares, Double IPAs

Once in a great while,  I have a vivid, incredibly affective, and terrifying dream.

It’s one that I’ve had on many earlier occasions, but time between its reemergence seems to become greater as the years pass.   Though it has been a while,  I’m confident that I will still have this dream at some point in the future.

As ludicrous as it may sound, it is a dream about a college class.  In this dream, I am approached by an administrator of the higher learning facility where I obtained my bachelors degree, and informed that I needed to surrender my diploma.  When I question this administrator about why my achievement is being revoked, I am informed that I failed to complete a particular requisite in a class.  Though I believed the action complete,  the university had no record of this, and I was to lose my degree, lest I return to complete this single class.

Each time I wake after having this dream, I feel panicked, stressed, and distraught.  The dream seems incredibly real, though my waking self is confident, that the contents of the dream are a fallacy.

The instances of this particular nightmare, have diminished as the time between my current life events, and that of my college graduation have increased.

And though this may seem a silly dream to be stuck upon, it is my own, reoccurring nightmare.

Perhaps, you have one of your own?

Pizza Boy – Reoccurring Nightmare – This double ipa is a beautiful, clean, non-hazy, golden-straw bodied brew with a lush, puffy, swiftly dissipating head.  The nose is mildly reminiscent of Troegs Nimble Giant, boasting a earthy, slightly herbal, pleasant, pine and forest floor accented, nose.  The mouthfeel is full, rich, and easily drinkable. There is a sweet, light, malty, undertone, to the taste, which in creamy rivulets, graces the palate. Floral, and moderately bitter accents, take the middle ground, while a slightly pungent, pineapple/mango bitterness finish the taste perfectly.  This is far from the dreaded occurrence of a reoccurring nightmare, this may be best named, anticipated dream. Fantastic. 9/10

Though I’m not entirely sure of the motivation behind the naming of this particular beer, my idea of a reoccurring nightmare, vastly differs from the sensations experienced while drinking this one.

If my personal, reoccurring nightmare would cease, and I could replace it with the flavors, smell, and enjoyability of Pizza Boy’s Reoccurring Nightmare, I would be a most pleased dreamer.

Humbly yours,


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