Of a Chance

At the outset, the possibilities were many,

the future was bright and hopeful,

the outlook was wantonly optimistic.

The broad scope of mutual intent,

the want and promise of the world,

could not be fully delivered for, or by either.

So, in incrementally, tiny, measures, the euphoria did fade, and the emotional

expanse, and all of its intended exploration,

shrunk by subtle degrees.

What once was a dimwitted acceptance of

sensory-induced optimism, became a recalculation,

a rationalization, and a reconsideration.

The enthusiastic, puppy-love-nods, and

lackadaisical openhearted blissful smiles, gave way to eyebrow tilts,

and coerced acquiescence.

That broad, optimistic expanse, of emotional landscape

shrunk to that of arguing over which

roads most quickly led to an arranged, and mutually agreed upon, restaurant.

Then there was the seeking out of counsel,

outside advice, from sources unfamiliar,

to try to increase the odds of survival.

Then, the road trips to an agreed upon restaurant,

ceased.  And the conflict over which take out,

delivery, or whether microwaveable sustenance was preferred, increased.

The positive outcomes were further limited,

when the act of choosing a simple, television show

became a source of conflict.

The possibility of a positive outcome,

was further limited when separate sleeping

arrangements were chosen.

Once, morning meant limbs entwined,

snooze hit many times, and lips upon

necks a thousand times.

Now, they meant labored, guttural, utterances

of vacuous  “Have a good day”‘s

and “Yeah, you too.”‘s

Not long after, having dialogue was a struggle,

and exchanging leftover personal items

was a drastic chore.

There was nothing between them anymore, not even a gleam.

The broad vision that they both had seen,

was now, not even the ghost…….

Humbly yours,





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