All of those deep, sobbing, regrets,

every cringe, and internal unsettling, felt,

when trying to kiss, someone else,

as passionately as I kissed you;

while you’re selfish-stuck with your vapid substitute,

each, and every, excruciating second,

sparks of memory, should remind you

of what a truly amazing person, partner, lover, could be,

and how incredibly a person can treat another.


Consider the intensity of the radiation,

between two organic yearners.

Think how passionately that my lips, wanted, only you,

in the very, very, distant, past.

But now, as we continue to be alive, presently, and permanently,

my lips never long for yours.


All of the times that you yearn to hear my voice,

Every man that you see whose strength, and masculinity is

a faint reminder of mine.

each random smell that you catch in the air,

reminding you of that incomparable scent of my skin,

that causes your flesh to heat up with excitement.

each pass of cold, foreign, dead, places, which were once familiar, once

comfortable, once filled with laughter, and love, our places,


all of those flickers, those thoughts, desires,

and unactionable yearnings,  all of those sleepless

nights spent tossing, and turning, and staring at the

ceiling in the throes of feverish regret;

all of the times that you dreamed of me,

only to wake to your sad nightmare,

all of those aching feelings, about what could have been,

are all memory postcards from you, to me,

that I have forwarded to hell.

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