Open Heart Fragmentation (XVIII)

As if struck by an intense arctic chill, time slowed to a desperate crawl, with each nanosecond feeling like prolonged seconds, or excruciatingly exaggerated minutes. The curious, planet like orb, slowly descended through the stale air of the bathroom.  It floated towards the counter with the speed of a slowly descending soap bubble. The black […]


All of those deep, sobbing, regrets, every cringe, and internal unsettling, felt, when trying to kiss, someone else, as passionately as I kissed you; while you’re selfish-stuck with your vapid substitute, each, and every, excruciating second, sparks of memory, should remind you of what a truly amazing person, partner, lover, could be, and how incredibly […]


Hold out your hand in front of you, with your palm facing the ceiling. (Yes, please, play along.) Place into the center of your palm, an object that would rest there comfortably, and provide little strain. (Examples of such items may include a coin, pebble, paperclip, bottle cap, key, playing card, letter, small roll of tape, […]