Once Upon a War Crime

There we were,

You and I.

Staring into, each

others eyes.

Then we were,

so sublime.

Together forever,

Once upon a time.

There we were,


Nothing concerning,

Naught in mind.

Then we were,

passionate and blind.

Engulfed in each other,

two stars aligned.

There we were,

without care.

Content in the moment,

going nowhere.

Then we were,

raw and bare.

Enraptured and making,

love everywhere.


At a point

we did find,

A need for

some space.

At a place

we discovered,

there was more than

just being loved.

At some juncture

we found,

that there was more

than each others sound.

At some location

we stopped, holding hands.

In some month,

we ceased being grand.

In some site

we sought, relief.

In that area, we

began to feel grief.


At the end there

was confusion,

passion, frustration,

and seclusion.

In the close there

was malignment, lies,

and good intentions


In the catastrophic

coming apart,

There were fragments left,

of broken hearts.

With the approaching,

but inevitable capsize,

there was a need to bring about,

the others demise.


We justified with anger,

And rationalized with rage.

We demanded satisfaction,

For all lost days.

We tore into the heart of

that we most cherished,

ripped, and rended, intending

to demolish.

We launched all

emotional assaults,

hoping that the other,

would eventually abort.

We ended up being two failed,

broken, seekers, in time.

Regretful, justified, and saying:

“Once upon a war crime.”

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