Open Heart Affirmation (VI)

A mosaic wall of tiny, flickering, squares filled his vision. At first, the rapidly shifting colors, pulsating pixels, and constantly changing imagery made little sense.  A small square of black and red formed at the top right corner of his vision, while the remainder, flickered between bright white, gold, glassy colorations, and muted browns.  Then, […]

Open Heart Reconnection (V)

Tristan stared into his reflection, and the tiny opening in the metal panel in his chest. The rest of his immaculate form seemed insignificant in relationship to this tiny hollow. He’d been in this same position before, feeling strangely perplexed, and gazing into a keyhole within himself. He suddenly twitched, and then a chill and […]

10! I give it a 10!

I have enjoyed Springhouse Brewing Company’s beers for a long time.  My pseudo-love affair with their offerings began not long after they opened their taproom on King Street in Lancaster, PA.   The atmosphere was a little quirky, a little edgy, and a little fun.  The unique, imperial pint serving size, and option for half-pint, has […]