Many claims are made about loss. With great frequency, by many people, statements are made that address the loss of a particular item, memory, thought, idea, or emotion. “I’ve lost my car keys! What will I do?” “I can’t seem to recall the details of that particular trip, but I can assure you, it was […]

Third time is a charm

Everyone knows this saying, correct? Try something once, maybe the first experience isn’t a particularly enjoyable one. Just in case something in your mood is off, or the company you are with, or your stress level doesn’t allow you to properly enjoy an experience, you give it a second chance, right? How many chances does […]

The stars look very different

I’m not the biggest David Bowie fan. There, I said it, and cannot take it back.  But in all honesty, I haven’t met a tremendous amount of people who claim to be, actual, Bowie “fans.” I won’t argue that he’s a talented musician.  I can’t say that he doesn’t have an impressive catalog of music. […]