Nine out of ten times, it means nothing.

Ninety-Nine percent of the time it won’t occur.

999/1000 is the likely chance of failure.

It has a one in a million chance to succeed.

It’s like hitting that green 00 on the roulette wheel,

or tripling up with a straight flush, when all your chips are in.

It’s holding the winning lottery ticket,

after countless dollars spent.

The 100 to 1 horse will never pay off.

The ghost of a chance will never show.

Playing carnival games means no chance to win,

Nor will digging for diamonds in an ocean.

It’s a massive jackpot payout,

on a single quarter slot machine.

It’s the discovery of ancient gold coins,

after a long time of digging.


What makes all the dangers worth braving,

What makes all the poor odds worth wagering,

What makes all the failed efforts worth trying, again, and again,

Is the tiny, minute, infinitesimally small chance that possibly, maybe…….

We will be that one out of ten.

We will be the one percent.

We will be the 1/1000 chance of success.

We will overcome the one million to one chance of failure.


That’s what makes everything worth while.

That’s why we yearn, push, and drive.

Not for whats easy to come by,

nor what’s easy to survive.

We search for the impossible, the rare, the special,

that which truly makes us feel alive.


Humbly yours,









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