Diamonds and Plastic

To some, the ideas of honesty, integrity, and decency, are as precious of diamonds. These intensely valuables gems are formed deep within the earth with immense degrees of patience, pressure, and time.  They are incredibly durable, being of the most resilient of all substances.  These diamonds are useful, their immutability useful in all manner of practical applications.  They are also radiantly beautiful, and when honed in the correct fashion, shine brilliantly even in small displays, and are coveted by the masses.

Yet to others, honesty, integrity, and decency, are as cheap as plastic.  Plastic is formed from the byproducts of oil, black sluice below the earth, or of various other natural substances.  It is stripped from its original source, and processed.  It can easily take virtually any form or shape that its arranger wishes. It is pliable, moldable, bendable, and infinitely manipulatable.  Though it is broadly functional, it is regarded by most as valueless, and disposable.

What are these values to you? Are they Diamonds, or Plastic?

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One thought on “Diamonds and Plastic

  1. Plastic suits most people till things start disintegrating. Then they search wildly for some shining one who’s paid the patience, pressure and time required.

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