Nine out of ten times, it means nothing. Ninety-Nine percent of the time it won’t occur. 999/1000 is the likely chance of failure. It has a one in a million chance to succeed. It’s like hitting that green 00 on the roulette wheel, or tripling up with a straight flush, when all your chips are in. It’s […]

Open Heart Insight (IV)

“Ready?” “I think so.” “It’s not really a question that you can respond to unsurely.  Either you are, or you aren’t?” “Ready.” “Go ahead then.  Let us in.” Tristan stood in front of the door, arm stretched forward, with the key in his hand.  Some wildly debilitating magic froze him in this spot.  He breathed […]

Open Heart Revelation (III)

Tristan stared at the mirror before him, his hands still at his sides.  His naked upper torso showing bulky muscle at the shoulders and chest, his slightly leaner arms were taut and sinewy, like that of a martial artist.  His abdominals and waistline were trim and hard, a large-squared four pack showing on his flat […]

Diamonds and Plastic

To some, the ideas of honesty, integrity, and decency, are as precious of diamonds. These intensely valuables gems are formed deep within the earth with immense degrees of patience, pressure, and time.  They are incredibly durable, being of the most resilient of all substances.  These diamonds are useful, their immutability useful in all manner of […]


The flat, dusty, brown serpent stretched out in front of him.  Paris raised his eyes from his boots and gazed at a point on the horizon.  At this juncture, the road was swallowed by a slowly descending, molten red-orange, half-circle that bravely fought off the impending darkness.  The sky was swept with vivid hues of lavender, pink […]