It was everything I could do, want, and be,

that man that you could love and need.

It was all that I could possibly desire,

to be the one to light those fires.

I was the bastion, the fortress, the high ground,

the steadfastness when you felt down.

I was the light, the warmth and the sun,

when all of your soul felt undone.

You were the source of smiles to me,

the navigator away, from melancholy.

You pried open my long closed heart,

reached in, held fast, and made yourself a part.

You gave gifts of technology and art,

there were promises of never being apart.

You insisted upon forever,

though the future is guaranteed, never.

We stumbled, argued, and then swooned.

We supported each other in the gloom.

We returned to each other’s sight,

Only to find other reasons to fight.

Then there was you, standing afar,

And there was I, kneeling on the other shore.

There was you, suddenly to far to reach,

And I alone on that desolate beach.

Then there was you, with your list of demands.

There was I, writing words in the sand.

“I don’t need much, do you comprehend?

I just want you to understand.”

And now there is nothing, no sand or sea.

There’s only a chasm, void, and vacancy.

And now the promises are gone,

Replaced by feeling forlorn.

But now there is hope. Now there is brightness.

Now there exists, a calm sense of lightness.

But now there’s no feeling between you and me,

just a curious wondering, at what used to be.

Humbly yours,



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