Finding Beauty In Everything

Life is…..

Taking the chances that you shouldn’t.

Making the choices that are the most difficult

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Doing the things that scare you, and then doing them again.

It’s abound getting to a point that you are ok with getting dirty, and knowing the sense in being clean.

It’s about being outside, and loving nature.

It’s about drinking too much, and feeling too little.

It’s about drinking too little, and feeling too much.

It means trying every type of food when you have a chance.

Life is more than money, more than things, and most importantly, more than yourself.

It’s about falling in love with as many things as possible.

It’s about giving as little regard to the things that keep you from living.

It means understanding, and embracing the difficult parts.

It means growing, though that may mean hardship.

Life is about feeding all of your senses.

It’s about sharing experiences with other people.

Life means motion, action, and involvement.

Life is meant to be engaged with, not experienced passively.

It is not meant to be accomplished second-hand.

It is meant to be fulfilling, invigorating, and gratifying.

It is meant to be lived boldly, fervently, and passionately.

The only way to exist, is to be fearlessly alive!


Life is not…..

Figuring out the most comfortable way to die.


Humbly yours,


One thought on “Finding Beauty In Everything

  1. Many good lines – uplifting perspectives. This one’s a keeper: “The only way to exist, is to be fearlessly alive!”

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