Remember.  Do you remember?  Do you recall that time you asked me to look to the sky?

Does it still play out in your mind?  Does the memory of that sunny day still make your skin feel warm, even when there is a chill outside?

Can you recall how the grass tickled your feet as we walked through the field? Do you remember when I tripped, and you laughed that full of life laugh, that overflowed with warmth and mirth?

Do you remember the words we whispered as we crept upon the rabbits nibbling at the grass? Do you remember our plans for keeping the brown one as a loyal pet?  Do you remember the rush of adrenaline as we sprinted forward, and the impact of the ground as we leapt towards the hare, but narrowly missed her?  Do you recall the roll in the grass, hands clenched to our stomachs in laughter, breaths coming haltingly as a result of our sprint?  Do you remember colliding, shoulder to shoulder?  Do you remember the three leaves of grass that I slowly plucked from your hair, as I held the attention of your beautiful eyes with mine.  Can you still count the breaths before I rolled towards you, placed my hand upon your cheek, and placed my lips upon yours?

Do you remember the rhythmic, swishing sound of our footsteps, and the melody provided by voices of the birds?  Do remember the sound of the winds joining in with these noises?  Do you recall the booming bass emanating from the clouds?  What of the cymbal clashing as the light show commenced?  Can you still hear the music as we fled to the trees?

Do you remember the clean, invigorating petrichor in the air when we emerged from our leafy umbrella?  Do you still feel the dampness clinging to your skin, even as the sun returned to the scene from behind the curtain of dark clouds?  On hazy, hot summer days, can you still remember how the moisture fled in wisps and whirls from our clothes?

Do you remember?  Do you remember that day?  Do you recall that time you asked me to look at the sky?

Do you still recall what we saw there?

It was beautiful.

Humbly yours,


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