Everything is a choice

The commonly voiced excuse for not doing something is……. “I just don’t have enough time!’ Or, closely related to this excuse…. “I’m just not sure how I can find the time to get {something} done.” Permit me to highlight the lack of true perception relating to these comments. Not having enough time is a, well, not […]

Finding Beauty In Everything

Life is….. Taking the chances that you shouldn’t. Making the choices that are the most difficult Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Doing the things that scare you, and then doing them again. It’s abound getting to a point that you are ok with getting dirty, and knowing the sense in being clean. It’s […]

Severing Fruitless Branches

In every person, I’ve always found something. Something from which to learn, to help make me better. Better than I was before. More loving and understanding. Understanding of others, and myself. And more thoughtful. Thoughtful about how I acted, and of received treatment. Treatment of my heart, body, emotions, and my soul. A soul that […]

I’m here for you! (As long as there’s drama)

Many years ago I stumbled upon a quirky, creative, and insightful movie.  This movie featured several scenes involving fairly prominent actors.  The short scenes totaled no more than several minutes each. Each scene highlighted a different theme ranging from humorous, to scientific, to melancholy, and even ironic. Each short had different actors.  In one, Bill Murray […]

Open Heart Preparation (I)

Tristan sat in perfect stillness in the old wooden chair.  A stranger walking into the room would scarcely have noticed the micro-movements of his shoulders, rising and falling.  A friendly soul would not have perceived movement of his muscular chest and trim stomach. He was statuesque to the observing eye, but inside, he was a […]