Am I really seeing this?

We know human beings are capable of some incredible feats. There are those capable of fantastic achievements in athletics. There are a select few that make astounding discoveries in science and medicine. There are individuals capable of beautiful and imaginative writing. There are people who achieve awe through art and music. There are even people that […]


All of the particles left their source. They danced upon the breeze, pirouetted amongst the leaves, and tiptoed onthe curves of clouds. They sparked amongst the flames, chilled on the tundras of ice, bounded from rock to rock, and swam into the waves. They pulsed with happiness, and rolled with sadness, careened off nothingness, they […]

Shaking hands with ghosts

Modern methods of communication are supposed to bring people closer together. With the ease of access to social media, computers, smart phones, and a myriad of tech inspired ways to communicate, one might believe that we are connected, and in touch with one another, in unprecedented ways. Do you ever feel that this couldn’t be […]