The Field

Often, life is treated like strolling through a never-ending field of rolling hills, green grasses, and beautiful blooming flowers. The wind blows over the field, swaying the grasses with its whispers and shouts. The hills crest far above heads, and the pits and valleys are deep bowls below us. The flowers bloom full, colorful, and fragrant, […]

The Erosion of Time

Do you remember photo albums? Do you remember the true photo albums, and not the 10101010 holding spot associated with your “library” on your computer? Do you recall the plasticine pages that stuck to each other, smelling of a weird amalgamate of chemicals, needing to be surgically peeled from one another to advance the memories? […]

A Day in Columbia

When did you go to South America? Was it hot there? Where the jungles dense, and thick? Did you randomly stumble upon any coffee plantations? No, discerning reader, not that Columbia.  Though, given the opportunity, I would certainly travel to the country of Columbia.  I am referring to a day spent with a fellow adventurer in […]