The Dot Matrix Human

For those not familiar with dot matrix printers, I would urge you to watch a video of one in action.  Here’s a simple example that I found on youtube that gives shows the printer in action. As for those that do recall this, now archaic piece of technology, I hope that you are thinking fondly of […]

#6 vs. #22

For those that aren’t aware, the site, often considered the premier resource for ratings, reviews and information about craft beer, maintains a list of the highest rated beers in the world.  This two hundred and fifty strong list is frequently in flux, and while many of the more rare and sought after beers maintain […]


In taking hold of the responsibility of parentage, there are many positive roles from which a man may choose. Caregiver – One who cradles, assists, and feeds, the child who can’t move or nurture itself. Storyteller – A man who encouraging reading and creates stories.  He cares for and encourages imagination, and wonder in a young […]

The Power of Tone

We’ve all heard how tone can mean everything. You’re trying to communicate something important, to a friend or an acquaintance, but it keeps coming across the wrong way. Perhaps you didn’t sleep enough, or the lack of understanding is frustrating, and thus your tone is affected. You just can’t get your point across. Maybe you’ve […]

Say Yes

I don’t know that many will recall the Jim Carrey movie Yes Man.  For those that are unfamiliar, the plot basically revolves around a man stuck on negative behaviors.  He is predominantly anti-social and withdrawn. After being convinced to attend a yes seminar, Jim Carrey’s character finds himself agreeing to every opportunity that presents itself.  The extreme […]