Light Speed

Has it been a manic holiday season for you? If you agree with the statement, was it a result of self-imposed stress?  Did you put too much upon yourself, to do too much for others?  Did you make the act of freely giving to others an anxiousness-inducing millstone?  Did the intent upon selflessness become the worrisome burden […]

Pumpkin Battle!

The last blind taste test was not only fun, informative, and tasty, it revealed much about how brand expectations can affect how a beer impacts various senses. I have yearned to match up different beers of the same style, and from different companies, for quite some time.  In fact, I have several arranged that will likely see […]

Great Marketing! Marginal Delivery!@

It appears that most companies take a serious approach towards brewing and naming their beers.  This makes perfect sense, as a mature process towards selecting nomenclature would naturally appeal to an adult audience.  Occasionally a brewery will make an interesting hop pun in the name, or a creative malt play-on-words will present itself,  but rarely […]