This Dying Tree Once Believed

When we are small, and have so very little control of ourselves, we have great need of so many things to sustain our existence.  Our fragile constitution, simplistic mental faculties, and frail musculature require nurture and development.  In due time, we find our step, our water and sunshine, our advancement, and our means to stand and […]

And then Donkey said to Frog “What is going on with these humans!”

Sometimes behaviors strike me as odd, inappropriate, or socially rude. People who don’t follow a reasonable “human” traffic flow at a mall bother me. People who smoke while pumping gas, really irritate me. Those that deliberately misspell words, for example, using wit instead of with, gets under my skin. (Admittedly the brutally excruciating effort required […]

Say Goodnight….

Of all the dreams I have when I’m awake, The best are about finding sleep. I’ll yearn not for currency and wealth, Sustenance and supplement, acceptance and embrace, death and dying, Futures and frivolities, power and politics, gods and deities, Passion and pain, Fear and failure, happiness, catharsis, coitus, or when I will rest. I […]