Sunday Stout and Song

I’ve always been a lover of music.  In addition to this passion, I’ve derived equal pleasure from a delicious beer.  Coupling these two enjoyments yields an even greater degree of satisfaction.  So it is my great honor to share my passions through a Sunday Morning themed beer review and song cover.


Sunday Morning Stout – Weyerbacher Brewing Company – I have written about Weyerbacher beers in the past, and it has always been with curiosity and anticipation that I sample a new offering from this company.  A nostalgic trigger is usually activated when thinking upon Weyerbacher, as many of my earliest forays into the craft beer world were highlighted by such delicious brews as Merry Monks, Double Simcoe Double IPA, Blithering Idiot, Prophecy, and Raspberry Imperial Stout.  Some of these offerings have, sadly, been retired.  But Sunday Morning Stout is a new entrant into an excellent existing lineup.  Pouring this reveals a star and moonlight absent, pitch black sky colored libation, accented by a mocha tinted, swiftly dissipating head.  Robust, fresh brewed coffee fills ones nostrils and is joined by sweet bourbon, dark chocolate, and light hints of tobacco and vanilla.  Reinforcing the smell, the body is rich and decadent and full of coffee and roasted malts with light touches of vanilla and toffee, and finished with bourbon and its accompanying wisp of heat.  This is truly anything I could wish for in a barrel aged imperial coffee stout and a truly world-class example of the style.  I’m immensely glad that I purchased a case of this delicacy. 9.5/10

I sincerely doubt that this beer was influenced by this song, but who knows, it may have played some part.  If only by pure coincidence, the song and beer share similar titles as well as an appreciation from myself.  So I offer my cover of Sunday Morning Coming Down, by Kris Kristofferson, and popularized by Johnny Cash.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Humbly yours,