Selfishness is Easy

Beyond ourselves, lies mystery. And in this maze, others selves dwell.   Each of them, hands and arms extended, feeling their way towards answers.  As we meet others we develop connections that help each other move through the labyrinthine challenges of what we consider life.  Some connections we make to ease the strife of being […]

Actions or Words? Pick one please, to start.

“I saw your face listening to the words.” Initially this observation resulted in a chuckle or two, and a subsequent share on Facebook.  And dismissively I filed this comment under the linguistic-blunder category. Yet today I have cause to revisit this comment. Though this wasn’t a comment I made, rather one that I received, my […]

Seconds Between

Supposedly, dreams are projections from our subconscious.  We are told that they are not real.  Many dreams that we experience, we express thanks that they are not real.  Some, in that hazy-consciousness  slipstream, we wish would be real, and would continue on forever, depriving us of the waking world. As children, nightmares, or a misunderstanding of […]

The Beast

I darken my eyes, Later I will turn them red. I carefully clip my nails, Knowing they will be claws. I furl my brow, where horns will appear. I stretch my toes, and imagine the future talons. I exhale smoke, which  will be fire. I touch my flaky skin, seeing eventual scales. I emit a […]

Death rides a hobbled Donkey named Swift, and wields a giant Candy Cane!

Wait, this isn’t the image of Death that most of us has in mind.  If our perceptions align, than it would be something similar to this. This is how most perceive Death, fearsome, intimidating, and a harbinger of finality.  Or, at least the imagery predominantly consists of corpse laden, dark, sinister visuals. Therefore, when a […]