Caterpillar and Serpent

Isn’t that a beautiful word? Chrysalis. I’ve always loved the celestial feeling that seeing or saying the word evokes. It seems similar to the word crystal, which evokes, pure, shimmering, magnificent rock imagery that unfolds in my minds eye as the word graces my ocular or auditory senses.  Yet the word evolves from a Greek […]

Forward! With Ferocity and Fervor!

I went to the liquor store the other day. Some states apparently don’t have this establishment.  Unique to my fair state of Pennsylvania are the Wine and Spirits stores which sell, predictably, wine and spirits.  The hours are restrictive, and these products are only available through these state sanctioned outlets unlike, say, Maryland, where one […]

The Amazing and Wonderful World of Self Giving!

The mailbox is a long-standing edifice to a past, marginally related to the current, digitally focused world. Once this was the source of our correspondence. Pre-dating the telephone, the “pony express” would deliver communication to households and homesteads far and wide.  Husbands, wives, and children would eagerly anticipate words from those located great distances away. […]