The bourbon barrel aged beer is a highly sought after delicacy in the craft beer world.  Many companies have their own version of this style.  However, the reality is that not all are excellent offerings. Those barrel-aged brews that are deemed of the highest caliber are naturally those in greatest demand. While I contend, from […]


Here was my hand, given to you years before. An apology came from my mouth in tandem with this extension, though I’d no prior offering from you. Acceptable terms were met.  And we carried on as friends. Until, times became more turbulent.  And conflicts became too volatile, that clashing and thrashing occurred.  Yet “sorry” was […]

What is Precious?

In the epic, very well, debatably epic story, The Hobbit, there is a character named Gollum.  This character had, in the distant past of the story, discovered a bauble of tremendous mysticism and magical power.  This bauble was in the form of a ring, and with its use, this creature was able to become invisible whilst […]


So often must I resist the thoughts of disappointment. In the span of constructing the prior sentence, I have breathed vapors of this sensation, exhaling the propensity to succumb to these weights. And, too heavily do these millstones of defeatism weigh upon my shoulders, assuredly on your own, and doubtlessly haunt our growth and maturation towards […]


The holidays are upon us. Yes, the holidays. Some love these times.  Some loathe them My feelings can vacillate drastically between the two extremes.  Though, to be truthful, I would evaluate my feelings as abundantly neutral.  Numbness, sadly, is the determined sensation, or lack thereof,  at this time of year. And in the course of […]