Fraying in the evening

As winter coughs its arrival into my world it delivers puffs of nostalgia and wisps of yearning. As the melodies of familiar holiday tunes warm my sentimentality, the loss of innocence strums discordant notes. This unfortunality, is that the nascent, desperate, shimmering optimism that the holidays once portrayed seems to no longer hold sway. I […]

Shifting Sights

For so long I was angry.  I was distressed and full of energy and confusion.  I was swayed easily by my naivety. And my anger was directed towards, in retrospect, so many things which bore me no ill will, nor had the immediate impact upon which my life would have hinged, nor my anger justified. […]

Forest Sanctuary

Paris lived in the tree, deep in the forest, for many years.  The tree-dwelling allowed him a distance from the ground, but not quite clearance to the skies.  It was in this limbo that he found the isolated peace that afforded him balance with the world. Occasionally, forest creatures would gather about the base of […]