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Sometimes, between the haze of sleeplessness, and the release of drunkenness, one may find a halcyon sensation that is brought about by an immaculately constructed song. In a pre-dawn reverie, I stroke my thumb as I finger the keys.  I don’t recall the emergence of the lines of wisdom that have creased the epidermis.  Yet […]


I am fond of origin and meaning behind people, places, and words that I encounter.  Until very recently my understanding of this word, trinity, pertained exclusively to the dictionary definitions. Trinity is defined as a spiritual union, biblically, including Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  Trinity also means a group of three or a state of […]

Free? Will?

It had been my intention upon my return from Colorado and Great American Beer Fest to highlight the experiences there.  Yet for some inexplicable reason I find that I am compelled to write about a local beer.  Certainly, there will be plenty of sharing from a craft beer week of epic proportions. But for this discussion, […]


Is a hole in ground, yeah I know, but I couldn’t resist. It turns out that upon this journey I’ve discovered a thus far buried penchant for the sea.  In the process of penning the brewsing eulogy I discovered that one the tangy pixellated sea air sampled by my fingertips, the sterile atmosphere of that desolate island more left […]

Scratch N’ Test

Many years ago the scratch series had its genesis at Troegs brewing company. The series, by disclaimer, is purportedly a way to test out new and experimental hops and brewing techniques. I have noticed, however, a fairly obvious trend with this series. Before the regular offering Perpetual IPA launched, a large number of ipa styles […]