The Coward

The coward runs, and flees, in the face of danger. The coward cowers, and flails, in view of defeat. The coward shrouds, and veils, facing opposition. The coward shirks, and points, instead of admission.   He is spineless. She is weak. He lies prone, in abject defeat. He is callow. She is meek. All are helpless, in […]

The absence of stimuli

Everywhere we turn, an assault awaits.  Anywhere we glance a solicitation beckons.  Our senses are the target, and an innumerable, variable,  selection of ordinance is stationed at key points to intercept us. The trap is set, and the snare plays the security blanket.  The social quicksand marks our perceptible forward progress.  Take that step, provide yourself an […]


“If my answers frighten you, than you should stop asking scary questions.” Admittedly, this quote is sourced from Jules, a dynamic character engaged in a transitional/soul-searching endeavor during his part of the movie Pulp Fiction.  The scenario is tense, and that the culmination of the conversation resolves in such a weighty declaration is of little surprise. […]

No surprises

Wouldn’t the world be an amazing place if there were no surprises to experience? Would it be easier if there were no instability to counter? Would it be easier if people didn’t perpetually disappoint in a way that initiated the “I can’t believe this is happening” response? Of course, and at times we wish for […]