Without even a taste test, I filled my growler with Mental by Pizza Boy Brewing. I always expect that the offerings from one of my favorite beer places will satisfy.  But when one exceeds expectations so drastically, jubilant outbursts by both taste buds and vocal chords abound. “Holy balls this is awesome!” And the taste […]

The Saga of Cartebuz pt.1

The once glorious kingdom had fallen into despair. It happened soon after the great drought ravaged the land of Cartebuz. Where once there were vast, unending fields of golden grains, stalks healthy, and forcefully stretching their extremities to the heavens, there were limp clawing abnormalities, blackened and weak, inching their way skyward and failing too […]

Of traffic decisions and the pacing of life….

I love movie quotes.  The expressiveness and relatable nature of quotes allows simple connectivity to numerous people.  Regardless of background, movies are a universal entertainment medium and thus afford an easy discussion fulcrum.  So, as segue to the purpose of this article, I offer this quote. “The world had went and got itself in a big […]

Who gives a shit?

When you extend your hand to connect, do you really want to touch someone? When you offer an emotional handshake, is the intention to draw feeling back? Why do I cast emotional bait into the seemingly tepid quagmire that does nothing but devour and leave a gleaming, shining hook? I’m tired of creating for no one. I’m […]


Usually, I feel invincible. I exercise with intensity and fervor. I drink and eat with gusto. I work energetically and passionately. I devote myself diligently to my music and writing. I consume the worlds entertainments whole-heartedly. I push through weariness and scoff at the idea of rest. And occasionally, these drives all catch up to […]