Mmmm…Smells Fresh

There are many existing entries in the dictionary defining the word fresh.  Most point to the idea of something that is new, or at least newly created or discovered. In slang it can indicate something cool, or if I may, hip or jive.  Realistically, I can’t possibly provide the most modern slang iteration of the […]

On being decent (or what I envision as decency)

I often wish I were a more complex man.  In wishing for such a burden it is only my yearning to see and feel things more deeply than I already feel.  Maybe it’s the sophistication that I wish I were able to attain.  Maybe it’s a suave, intellectual-type image that I envision for myself in […]

14 enter….

I love the idea of a beer battle royal.  When you put beers against each other you are forced to immediately evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.  Plus, when you evaluate blind, you evaluate with a great deal more fairness.   A direct taste assault forces you to evaluate the beers in direct competition with other close […]

Road Warrior

A slightly intimidating title wouldn’t you say? Though the background seems far from glamorous, this beer was brewed in honor of the Green Flash sales team who apparently forged the way through bars and various drinking locales to promote the Green Flash beer experience.  I, for one, am grateful for their perseverance and dedication, as […]