Swan Song

A colleague recommended this epic tome several years ago with high praise.  This book is a 900 page journey set in the wake of nuclear apocalypse.  It chronicles the experiences of several scattered characters across a wasteland America as they struggle to find others, to determine their destiny, and simply survive in arduous circumstances.  Robert McCammon […]

Waitress – Solicitous Saint or Salacious Seductress?

A sincere and singularly salubrious thought sears my synapses.  What it the real role of the waitress? Reasonably, this is also applicable to the waiter. Though society is less likely to consider the sexualization of said stint. If there were not a degree of seduction involved in the serving process, would it not be more economical […]

I’m gonna lose 15 pounds and feel great!

Ah the New Years resolution.  It is such a noble pursuit.  One sets a goal with intentions of betterment.  That one day of willpower and determination causing  loud booze-fueled declarations for change and alterations of 364 days of non-action. For those who actually recall their new years resolution, the success rate is 8%. Not a […]