May nothing but happiness come through your door

Today’s title draws inspiration from the title of track 7 from the album Come on Die Young by Mogwai. The guitar riffs a penetrating, looping sequence, while the drummer and bassist maintain the constitution, and gradual build of the song.  It slowly progresses to a gritty tensing climax of clashing symbols and teeth clenching guitar […]

You are Free

In an industry where the serious patrons are constantly seeking the next great taste craze or that extremely hard to get brew. Sometimes, those beers that are closest and most accessible are often overlooked. Prior discussion involved the search for Pliny the Younger.  And while the journey was abundantly enjoyable yet moderately arduous, does exclusivity […]

Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to the Heavens

It was some time near the year 2001 when I ventured into Media Play to seek out my weekly CD purchase.  I had very little disposable income and what I had was used for the 15 dollars of bliss that I would listen too obsessively. I had watched one of my favorite movies of all […]