Black Tuesday on a Friday

Am I correct in assuming that we have all heard of the term Black Friday?

Every years millions of Americans “celebrate” this day of retail gluttony that follows the day of actual gluttony that is Thanksgiving  by swarming malls, big box retail business, colossal stand-alone department stores, and various purveyors of caffeinated beverages, with the singular intent to find a “bargain” that they believe can only be obtained on Black Friday.

If, by some curious accident, you are not familiar with this splurging tradition, feel free to mark your calendar for this special day.  It will be exceedingly simple to pinpoint this day.  Find November, then Thanksgiving, then circle the Friday directly after the holiday.  Afterwards, it is only a matter of surviving the agonizing wait until the day that you are able empty your wallet, and max-out your credit cards.  Happy Holidays!

How many have heard of the slightly more obscure Black Tuesday?

I would venture to say that not nearly as large of a percentage of the populous is familiar with this term?

Perhaps, if you are a student, the Black Tuesday phrase will have some meaning.  Maybe, if you are an investor,  you have more of an understanding behind this uncommon series of words.  If you are a historian, the color and day combination points to a particularly significant event.

For those who are none of the aforementioned, the term relates to the catastrophic stock market crash that occurred on Tuesday October 29, 1929.  This event is considered the direct and prominent catalyst that triggered the Great Depression.

Unlike the phrase Black Friday, the words Black Tuesday actually have a lesser known meaning.

For many craft beer enthusiasts, Black Tuesday has not meant a cataclysmic financial plummet.  Black Tuesday has a different meaning.  Since 2009, California-based The Bruery, has produced their signature and highly sought after stout, Black Tuesday.

For many years the supply of this exquisite offering has been very limited.  I had hoarded bottles of this specialty craft beer, only liberating the contents of the handful of bottles in my possession for extremely important occasions.  In the past year or so, since The Bruery opened an east coast location in Washington D.C., I have fortuitously found that my supply of this decadent libation considerably multiplied, while the contents of my wallet have diminished commensurately.

It has been some time since I have opened a bottle of Black Tuesday from the Bruery.  Now, finding myself with a surplus of this ebony elixir, I am designating today, Friday, a day of extreme import.

What better way to enjoy it, than by opening a bottle of Black Tuesday, to share with a friend.

Below, please find our humble observations upon experiencing this fine craft beverage.

1. When poured into the glass, this decadent beer fills the glass with a slightly thin, watery-coffee colored liquid, topped with a delicate, quickly dissipating head.  The nose is a tantalizing melange of bourbon, figs, plum, caramel, vanilla, and boozy heat.  The mouthfeel is thinner than most stouts, and reminds one more of a belgian or american strong ale.  The taste is sugary-sweet, with flavors that perfectly mirror the nose with its flavors, accented by toffee, red grapes, and chocolate notes.  Overall this a fantastically balanced, amazingly flavorful beer, perfect for any special occasion.  My strong recommendation is to share a bottle with a friend or two, as the in-excess-of 19% abv is extremely well hidden.  9/10

2. Upon pouring, this beer appears to be thick and full-bodied but as the head dissipates, the consistency appears much thinner. Swirling the glass reveals that this delicious libation has a high ABV when observing the lines that descend ever so slowly down the sides of the glass, unlike rapidity of the Black Tuesday stock market crash. The nose is redolent of bourbon, with a side of semi-sweet dark chocolate. Bourbon carries through on the taste but leaves the chocolate behind, then replacing it with a hint of all-spice. One is left with a tinge of burn, bringing the bourbon full-circle. This beer is brilliantly balanced and can be enjoyed on not just a Tuesday or Friday but any day ending in y. 9/10.

Though it is curious that the terms Black Tuesday and Black Friday relate to financial events, one of complete collapse, and one of utter excess, The Bruery is slowly rewriting history each year it produces its delicious imperial stout.  Perhaps, in time, The Bruery will decide to produce an imperial barleywine, or another amazing imperial stout, name it Black Friday, and encourage people to stay home and share a bottle with a friend.   Until then please find, and enjoy a Black Tuesday on a Friday, or a Sunday, or Monday, or any day that you find worthy of deeming a special occasion.

Humbly yours,




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