What would you do with one million dollars?

Would you invest it all, in the hopes that it would multiply your wealth in time?

Would you give it to your family, who has nurtured and supported you in good times and bad?

Would you donate to a charity, knowing that your generous donation would assist those with extreme need?

Would you present it as a grant to scientific research, hoping the world would be a better, improved, place as a result of your donation?

Would you set up a fund for your progeny, that they may enjoy bountiful financial seasons, when you had none?

Or would you spend it lavishly, recklessly, and with absolute intent toward self satisfaction?

Would you buy a big house?

Would you spend it on vacations and travel?

Would you indulge in exotic foods?

Would you spend it on entertainment?

Would you spend it on jewelry?

Would you spend it on clothes?

Maybe, you would be most interested in spending it on the car of your dreams?

Maybe your dream car, is a black Ferrari? 

I’m not sure what you will you decide to do with your million dollars, but I’m guessing that it will be some combination of the above options.

As for myself, I’d likely pick the house, the vacation, some investing, some exotics foods, and a lot of blackferrari’s, the delicous black double ipa from Veil Brewing Company.



Finkle and Einhorn

Einhorn and Finkle? Finkle…..and……Einhorn Einhorn…..and……Finkle Finkle…..and……Einhorn.  Einhorn…..and……Finkle? Finkle…..and……Einhorn.  Einhorn…..and……Finkle? Finkle….and….Einhorn.  Einhorn….and….Finkle? Finkle….and….Einhorn.  Einhorn….and….Finkle? Finkle…and…Einhorn.  Einhorn…and…Finkle? Finkle…and…Einhorn.  Einhorn…and…Finkle? Finkle..and..Einhorn.  Einhorn..and..Finkle? Finkle..and..Einhorn.  Einhorn..and..FinkleEinhorn? Finkle.and.Einhorn.  Einhorn.and.Finkle? FinkleandEinhorn.  EinhornandFinkle? FinkleandEinhornFinkleandEinhorn? FinkleandEinhornFinkleandEinhorn?FinkleandEinhornFinkleandEinhorn?FinkleandEinhornFinkleandEinhorn?FinkleandEinhornFinkleandEinhorn?FinkleandEinhornFinkleandEinhorn? For those who do not recall this excessively repeatative solo dialogue, it comes from the classic Jim Carrey movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.  If you haven’t seen this […]

Retail Calamity

We have all heard of the phrase “retail therapy,” correct?  The minute segment of the populace who haven’t heard of this phrase, please take a few seconds away from reading this, to google the meaning. I don’t find shopping in the retail world particularly therapeutic.  When I find myself in immediate need of an item, […]

Dark Al vs. Sunny Al

In central Pennsylvania, an intense rivalry between two breweries has been heating up for years, and is about to boil over. It is a rivalry of epic proportions, contending with those having historical impact.  It’s  Coke vs. Pepsi, Apple vs. Microsoft, Edison vs. Tesla, North vs. South, Hamilton vs. Burr, Da Vinci Vs. Michelangelo, Axis […]

One hand folded into another

You find value in my deficiencies, and fullness, in my vacancy. You find stability in my inconsistency, and bliss, in my melancholy. You find fortitude, in my frailty, and competence, in my inability. You find seriousness, in my buffoonery, and clarity, amidst my perplexity. You find exquisiteness, when I feel ugly, and offer hope, to […]