A map without a legend

Have you seen me,


I can’t seem to find my


I went looking for my


I yearned to feel


Have you seen me,


I looked far, far and


I climbed high, high then dug


I searched inside, inside and


Have you seen me,


I went searching in


I plunged forgotten


I yearned for what was


Have you seen me,



I’m so very lost.


I’m just hoping you’ve seen

some part of me.

Something to guide back to

a normal place.

I’m just hoping there’s

a trace,

And a reason to make a



To try to find myself again.


Humbly yours,






Pain, emotional as well as physical, is very real. But it is not supposed to be permanent. Pain is intended to be a response only, as a trigger to prevent or avoid permanent damage and harm. Some trauma can cause pain that is so intense, that pain is excruciating and lasts much longer than what […]

The scents of right and wrong

How does goodness smell? What odors does evil put off? Is it possible that there are actual positive smells when we encounter someone with integrity? Do our noses wriggle in disgust when a person whose character is tainted by lies and deceit walks by us? Do we automatically associate a church or courthouse with a […]


Sacrifice the discipline and routine, for the efficiency of routine For words of consent, momentary content, searching for what life could mean. Passing between, man and machine yearning to be serene. Ones will is spent indifferent squandered on the insignificant. Logic for vice, reason for nice. Drive for distraction, Force for supplication. Once proud, now […]

Happen to or happen for?

Things, quite simply, are going to happen. They will happen without our knowledge. They will occur beyond our scope or perception. Things, events, and circumstances, will continuously occur. Of the trillions upon trillions of these events that happen, every day, to billions of human beings, some will affect us. What we have in our power, […]