Today is your happiness

Wait not for

the next sunrise.

Seek not a chance

down the line.

Yearn not for a

time beyond today

Crave not a

future bliss.


Do take pleasure

in each breath

Do wake and

smile warmly

Do spread love in

your meetings

Do speak your

kind words.

For happiness is

not discovered later.

Happiness is not

after sunset

Your happiness is

Every moment, everyday

It is in every

choice you make


Don’t wait for tomorrow.

Do find it today

Please hold the light

Think of the lighthouse. It is forever rooted to its place along a rocky shore. It is a tall, elegant, monolith. The lighthouse braves the typhoon, it faces the crashing waves, it is immovable against hail, gale, and squall. The lighthouse bears the blaze of burning sun, faces the chills of freezing rain, and stares […]

Eron’s Desire

Eron strolled across the sun-warmed cobblestones. The noonday sun warmed the roofs of the nearby houses.  It warmed the wooden slats covering the sporadic stalls offering knick-knacks and frivolities that he passed during his casual walk.  It gave heat to the signpost that he touched at the intersection of two major streets.  It felt good, […]

Up and down Beer Mountain

Those that know me know that I like to climb mountains.  I would consider my interest in hiking to approach the level of enthusiast.  In the past several years, I have hiked several thousand miles, including over half of the Appalachian Trail. However, hiking was not one of my main interests several years ago.  In […]