Temperance is a virtue, temptation leads to sin. Temperaure is a gauge, tempura once had fins. Tempests blow fiercely, temptresses, maybe the same? Temperate zones appeal tempeh garners disdain.   Tempo keeps us in check, Temporizing divides. Templar-like behavior can be Tempting in some times.   Temporary are we, despite temples we yearn to be. are […]

First Things, First.

Your opportune ultimate ready body opens deep youthful aching nurturing  depths murmering intimating next desires, lengthy intense kinetics emerge with energy armor piercing oneness near sensational, masterfully undulating scintillating tremblings beyond expression housing overly new emergent drives after no determination surges helps assert rationaleless passionate engorgement never ever described. Beyond longing understanding needs to emit […]

Peace In Pieces

The box is filled with possibility and hope. The picture and numbers on the lid, promise that the thousands of intricate little pieces, once joined, will reveal a striking image. Inside the box, the pieces, close together in a janky, jigsaw, jumble, are teeming with anticipation at their liberation, and reformation into a complete piece […]


Acquiescence to fate appeals to us because it takes away the guilt and anguish that comes with the responsibility for our choices. Once we grow to a point of maturity, we move beyond helplessness and into independence, thus owning, and earning choice, then, we become responsible for our choices. They are not dismissible, transmissible, irreversible, […]

There is no gain in again

Stand up, sit down, walk, again and again. Ingest, imbibe, purge, again and again. Think thoughts, read words, learn, again and again. Push forward, stop short, recover, again, and again. Become enamored, lose interest, feel numb, again and again. Build up, destroy, apologize, again and again. Accept help, give nurture, stand alone. again and again. […]